Pros And Cons Of Hair Transplant Surgery

Pros And Cons Of Hair Transplant Surgery

The best Fresno hair transplant procedures are beneficial treatment mode for those suffering from male pattern baldness, or hair loss and thinning of hair under many circumstances. Though there are a variety of ways, which can offer you the right solution, the result varies from person to person. But, the better informed the patient is, the happier they will be with the outcome of this surgical procedure.

Taking some time out for researching the benefits and the disadvantages of hair transplant can help you avoid the possible risks related to this process. Surgical hair transplantation is a process involving harvesting hair from one area of the head to other bald portions of the head, mainly meant for treating male pattern baldness in men and thinning of hair in women.

A trusting surgeon would help a prospective patient to achieve the desired result and make him/ her aware of what to expect, along with the pros and cons.


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a. Long Term Result

The best part of the hair transplant is that it produces long-term results. There are several stages, but after completion of the full procedure, there is no need of repeated treatments in usual cases.

b. Cost Effectiveness

Being one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure, hair transplantation and hair restoration is highly cost effective treatment mode as compared to the Propecia, which is a medication based treatment requiring its consistent usage for the best result.

c. Regrowth of Natural Hair

There are certain types of hair transplant where the patient’s natural hair follicles, cover up the bald spots or even out the density of the thinning hair in women. This process has made the transplanted hair follicles to function similarly, allowing natural regrowth of hair mainly for three to six months.


* Basic Side Effects

The surgical procedure of hair transplant surgery may have a few side effects among which many are quite common.

The normal complications and side effects are inclusive of loss of transplanted hair (shock loss), itching, numbness, swelling, bruising, infected hair follicles, etc. In fact, in some patients, the transplantation is so natural that the hairs after regrowth appear to be natural.

* Scarring and Formation of Skin Bumps

Hair transplantation procedure is successful in a maximum number of cases. But there is also a wide chance which shows that some follicles may die off before the occurrence of regrowth of new hairs. When this happens, there can be formations of bumps on the transplantation site. The patients are also at a risk of developing certain extent of scarring also known as ‘stretch back scars’. The development of scars usually happens as a response to the tension which occurs when a particular part of the scalp is treated with transplantation.

In conclusion, when a patient considers undergoing a hair loss treatment, they must conduct a careful analysis before selecting a surgeon. Firstly the patient must conduct their research to choose the ideal method for their surgery. With the added knowledge, a patient will be able to select a surgeon effectively. One must not be swayed by advertisements and discounts offered by surgeons. Always select a surgeon who is well qualified for the surgery you wish to undergo. This reduces the chances of problems occurring during the surgery itself.