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Coming in 2011 - The Engage Media Series

The BBMC will be presenting a new series in the Spring/Summer of 2011. The Engage Media Series, featuring:

The Phytophilous Initiative - by Liz Solo and Jesse H. Walker - June 25 - July 30 2011

The Phytophilous Initiative is a project by BBMC members Liz Solo and Jesse H. Walker - now programmed as a gallery exhibit at the The Eastern Edge Gallery. A merging of installation, performance and public art, this project uses technology and other tools to demonstrate our relationship to the plant-life in our environments. Please visit the The Phytophilous Initiative Blog for more information and to participate in the project.

Candy Cart - by Steve Abbott and Anthony Brenton - May 2011

A series of live rock show performances centered around the idea of mental health and friendship. During the performances the audiences will play different roles as they follow along in a chapbook/script given out at each show. Artwork by Steve Abbott, words by Anthony Brenton. Featuring live band performances and special appearances.

The 2nd Annual Chromatose Anymation Festival - July 2011


The Chromatose Anymation Festival is a two day festival highlighting the work of artists using machinima and other new animation techniques. See sidebar link and past events below for information on last year's event. Stay tuned here for more details

Recent Past Events

Night Gardening
by lizsolo Mathilde/Liz Solo and Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks
2010 Odyssey Performance Art Festival
People and avatars from around the world garden simultaneously in the virtual world of Second Life and in a quiet backyard in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Starring Liz Solo, Fau Ferdinand, Patrick Lichty, Mike Kean, Anne Pickard and many avatars. More performances to come in this series including Night Swimming and Night Painting.

Chromatose Anymation Festival

don't be afraid of new things

The Black Bag Media Collective is proud to present the first Chromatose Anymation Festival – taking place in St. John's from April 30 to May 2 - a fusion of animation, performance art and live music, featuring experimental, D.I.Y., C.G.I. and cross-platform animations from innovative minds around the world.

Tom Jantol (Croatia/UK), Liz Solo (NF), Osprey Therian (UK), Phaylen Fairchild (USA), DTR/Crash Jones (NF), The Third Faction (International), Jeremy Rice (NF), Claus-Dieter Schulz (UK), Robbie Dingo (UK), Aram Kouyoumdjian/Down With the Butterfly (Nova Scotia), Alasdair Brotherson/Jock Mooney/Tom Fun Family Orchestra (Nova Scotia), Company House (Nova Scotia), Pyewacket Kanyanenko (Australia), Trace Sanderson/Lainy Voom (UK), The Second Front (International), Drew Lightfoot/In Flight Safety (Canada) and more.

FEATURING THE HEAVY STUFF AT MIDNIGHT BY: Lizband, Geinus, Black Bags, Local Tough.

Doors open at 9:00 PM $7
Screening of Program One - All Things Anymation 9:30
hosted by Liz Solo and Steve Abbott with special guests
Cross section of styles and approaches to animation from hand drawn old school animations to machinima created in multiple online environments (Second Life, World of warcraft) to animations created using multiple platforms. Featuring the North American Premiere of Tom Jantol's “The Remake” and videos from Rose Borchovski (Netherlands), The Third Faction (International), Phaylen Fairchild (USA), Osprey Therian (UK), Alan Sondheim (USA), Glenn Gear (P.Q.), Iain Friar/Ice Ax (UK), Colleen T. McIsaac (N.S)., Pywacket Kazyanenko (Australia), Liz Solo and Erik Hoff Rzepka (NL/B.C.), Tom Jantol (Croatia).

with Black Bags, Local Tough.

Doors Open at 9:00 PM $7
Screening Program Two - Music and Anymation 9:30
hosted by Steve Abbott and Liz Solo with special guests
Featuring videos by independent bands and musicians using a variety of anymation tools. Featuring the North American premiere of Liz Solo's machine i am and videos from In Flight Safety (N.S), Crash Jones and DTR (NL), Trace Sanderson (UK), Tom Fun Orchestra N.S.), Down With the Butterfly (N.S.), Jacqueline Poole (N.S.), Jeremy Rice/the Sellouts (NL), Robbie Dingo (UK), Christopher Ball (N.S.), Lesvatar (ON), Second Front (International), Claus-Dieter Schulz (Germay), Alasdair Brotherson (UK) and more.

with Lizband, Geinus

Note: Anymator's Conference has been pushed to the following weekend and will be taking place about the Metaverse live from BBMC Laboratory on SUNDAY MAY 9. Screenings taking place on the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator in Second Life. 6 PM NLT/1:30 PM SLT/10:30 PM GMT. Contact Us for more information.

The Chromatose Anymation Festival celebrates the work of independent artists pioneering new approaches to animation. The term "anymation" was coined by Croatian animation artist Tom Jantol and means:
"Quite simply, Anymation is the embracing of any and all available tools in order to create a digital expression. The spirit of Anymation is not a rejection of any one of the tool-centric genres, nor is it a desire to reform them. Rather, Anymation is a conscious decision to be LESS CONSCIOUS of the barriers typically seen between the different types of digital expression, coupled with a "renaissance man" kind of willingness to harness ANY available tool or method to create that expression.
from Tom Jantol's Anymation Manifesto The Black Bag Media Collective is an artist-run, production focussed media collective made up of artist's working across disciplines. We produce new, original work in audio, video, live performance and new media. Experience the work of the BBMC by listening to our recordings, by attending our performance events and by engaging with us via new and emerging technologies.

photo from Rock Can Roll Festival 3 - Geinus, by Stephane Saint Jean.

See some images from last year's Rock Can Roll Festival here on Flickr: Rock Can Roll on Flickr

photo below by Justin Hall from the First Annual Rock Can Roll Festival, 2004.